Elder Care A to Z Guide – 4 CEUs

This study in elder abuse enlightens us of the many facets of elder abuse. From the first known medical report of abuse of an older person made in 1975 to the present day, it is a rising stigma against our modern day technology and, there is no evidence of it going away. Whether: emotional neglect, institutional neglect, self-neglect, spousal neglect, intentional or not, our older population is taking the brunt of the busyness of this modern era.
Exerts taken from: The A-to-Z Guide to Elder Care will alert you to the abuse of elders in the institutional setting as well as elders about you in the community, or perhaps, elders admitted to your facility. You will gain valuable insight on what to watch for and how to confront the perpetrators of this heinous crime against our elders.

Learn when elder abuse was first recognized
Discuss methods of recognizing elder abuse in association with the nursing home
Learn how leadership in the community and institutions/facilities can help stamp out elder abuse
Define abuse and neglect and related glossary of terms
Discuss different forms of elder abuse and how your institution/facility can be abuse free