Child Abuse: Abusive Head Trauma—Shaken Baby Syndrome – 4 CEUs

Author: Robert M. Reece MD

Dr. Reece has written a compelling story, addressing an issue familiar to physicians who care for children, but also important to all of us. A baby dies, and the question of a sad, natural death weighed against a homicide and who caused the death becomes a quagmire of truth and lies inherent in the justice system assigned to determine guilt or innocence. Dr. Reece’s moving story is based on 40 years of clinical and trial experiences in, Abusive Head Trauma and Shaken Baby Syndrome cases. Reece’s book is a tool for all Americans. It helps all know that the world of science has finally established not only that the world is round but also that abusive head trauma in infants and children are a scientific reality-without plausible denial.